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References & Reviews:

Clint Skutchan from “Two Way C3” kicked off our fall event series. With the rapidly changing housing landscape in northern Colorado it was great have Clint challenge our membership with a strategic planning session – “Preparing for Change: Market Adaptation Planning”. What an insightful, interactive and thought-provoking afternoon!

Carrie Gillis ~ Northern Colorado Rental Housing Association

2014 AEI Review: 4.9 of 5 – Phenomenal!!! Amazing!!! I have already started to use some of the tools Clint Skutchan demonstrated at this presentation. Best use of my hour, I could have sat and listened to him for another hour!! View Presentation

2015 AEI Review: 4.7 of 5 – Every one of the panelists deserve 5’s (excellent ratings)! They were awesome and just amazed me with their resources, content and information (and advice). A fantastic trio and I loved this session. View Presentation

For more info contact: Laurie Oken, Manager, Leadership Development / Association Leadership Development NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® 312.329.8307 /


All pricing determined on a needs and means basis, as our focus is working with organizations of various sizes to help you reach your full potential. Please contact Clint at 970-402-0852 or for more information.