TWO WAY C3 now has launched it’s own Podcast channel that will feature a variety of unique shows. From general conversation driven content, to specific professional dialog, to leadership trainings, and beyond.

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Our Podcasts:

  • Random Thoughts & Miscellaneous BS (explicit)- As the name would indicate a podcast focused on all the crazy things that make up our lives as we know them to be. This program is hosted by Clint Skutchan and made up of genuine observations, thoughts, opinions, & conversations focused on learning and laughing with uniquely engaging people. See above for the latest episodes.


  • THE Association– This podcast features Clint Skutchan, a former association CEO, talking with some of the brightest Association minds in the country about the everyday, political, strategic, and leadership aspects of associations. This program will provide insights & ideas in an entertaining way to help association executives, leaders, & volunteers alike embrace the potential & passion contained in today’s association world. See above for the latest episodes.


  • TWO WAY C3 Trainings– These shorter format podcasts will focus in on key aspects of systems, strategies, & leadership within organizations and will feature a number of host with specific skillsets related to each topic covered.



If you are interested in joining our team as a podcaster or if you would like assistance with developing your own podcast to enhance your organization’s brand and value please contact us at